Gig spotter: Ludmilla smashes Coachella and Brazil while wearing DEMOBAZA Gig spotter: Ludmilla smashes Coachella and Brazil while wearing DEMOBAZA

Gig spotter: ludmilla smashes coachella and brazil while wearing demobaza

After becoming the most listened-to black artist in Brazil and selling out stadiums in her home country, Ludmilla kicked off her international career with two shows at Coachella wearing DEMOBAZA boots no less. Performing a set of Portuguese-language songs, drawing from the local baile funk sound and pagode (a modern samba), the next great Brazilian superstar has already won a Latin Grammy and became one of the only Afro-Latin women to reach a billion streams on Spotify before coming to Indio’s most famous and prominent stage.

Janet Jackson and her dancers perform in DEMOBAZA at several live acts in Sacramento and Atlanta USA Janet Jackson and her dancers perform in DEMOBAZA at several live acts in Sacramento and Atlanta USA

Janet jackson and her dancers perform in demobaza at several live acts in sacramento and atlanta usa

Legendary pop icon Janet Jackson never ceases to amaze her audience with her innovative performances. This time, she has once again chosen DEMOBAZA's creations for her wardrobe, gracing the stage with her dancers in a full ensemble from our AW22 collection. Always captivating, strong, and dynamically in sync with the latest trends in music, style, and fashion, Janet never fails to deliver.


Demobaza ss24 runway show at la fashion week

Prepare to embark on an untamed odyssey with DEMOBAZA's forthcoming Spring/Summer 2024 collection, artfully christened as a "nomadic jungle expedition." It is not merely a depiction of nature; it is a fusion of human rebellion and the wild's indomitable spirit. With this collection, immerse yourself in the raw, primal energy of the natural world, igniting a profound, metamorphic molecular shift within.

The Source The Source

The source

This collection is inspired by the vision of a futuristic mountain monk, who is gazing at the sun through the stillness of the winter and cultivating its energy as The Source of inner power.

碧昂斯 (Beyonce) 定制 DEMOBAZA 造型驚艷紐約觀眾:時尚與未來主義的融合 Beyonce Stuns New York Audience in Custom DEMOBAZA look: A Fusion of Fashion and Futurism

碧昂斯 (beyonce) 定制 demobaza 造型驚艷紐約觀眾:時尚與未來主義的融合

全球音樂偶像碧昂斯 (Beyonce) 身穿 DEMOBAZA 定制服裝,以令人驚嘆的表演贏得了紐約觀眾的讚譽,展示了科技美學的非凡融合。在才華橫溢的舞者和著名的 Les Twins 的陪伴下,碧昂斯創新的舞台服裝標誌著她在文藝復興時期時尚界的一個里程碑,突破界限並引領新潮流。
碧昂斯的舞者和 Les Twins 展示未來派 DEMOBAZA 展望美國文藝復興世界巡演 Beyonce's Dancers and Les Twins Showcase Futuristic DEMOBAZA Looks at Renaissance World Tour in USA

碧昂斯的舞者和 les twins 展示未來派 demobaza 展望美國文藝復興世界巡演

碧昂斯備受期待的文藝復興世界巡演發生了超凡脫俗的轉變,她的才華橫溢的舞者和著名的 Les Twins 穿著保加利亞時尚品牌 DEMOBAZA 定制的令人驚嘆的服裝為舞台增光添彩。巡演的明尼阿波利斯站見證了藝術、舞蹈和時尚的迷人融合,表演者穿著未來派的紅色機器人簡約太空服,讓觀眾著迷。
DEMOBAZA 攜 SS23 SAMADHI 時裝秀開啟洛杉磯時裝週時光旅行之旅 DEMOBAZA Takes LA Fashion Week on a Time Travel Journey with SS23 SAMADHI Runway Show

Demobaza 攜 ss23 samadhi 時裝秀開啟洛杉磯時裝週時光旅行之旅

DEMOBAZA 憑藉令人著迷的創造力再次亮相洛杉磯時裝週,這一次,他們將觀眾帶入了一場驚心動魄的時空旅行冒險。該時尚品牌將好萊塢的一個電影製片廠變成了白色沙漠和工作室本身的超現實融合,模糊了現實與想像之間的界限,為觀眾帶來了一段難忘的旅程。



In the majestic scenery portrayed in the background of our most recent Demobaza’s photoshoot and shortfilm, profound stories unfold, carrying the wisdom whispered by the white desert merging with the vibrancy of the jungle. We felt the calling to share some of the knowledge we have learned from the impermanence of nature, expressing herself in perfectly imperfect ways…
22 秋冬 / 梅塔特隆 2 Metatron Collection: A Futuristic Fashion Journey

22 秋冬 / 梅塔特隆 2

Prepare to embark on a fashion journey like no other as we introduce you to the Metatron Collection—a bold fusion of futuristic design, minimalist aesthetics, and powerful symbolism. This collection, bathed in the striking hues of red, black, and beige, pushes boundaries and redefines the very essence of style. Metatron's influence is unmistakable, radiating fearlessness, empowerment, audacity, and unwavering determination. In this entry, we invite you to explore the essence of Metatron, the inspiration behind this extraordinary fashion line, and the innovative pieces that embody its spirit. Welcome to the future of fashion, where every garment tells a story of strength and resilience.


Demobaza ss22 秀場視頻

The first and most colourful DEMOBAZA collection till now is inspired by astrophotography and the multitude of colour patterns in the near and far universe, thus the name Starseed. The concept runway video puts the Middle Eastern sensibility for colours and DEMOBAZA well-known post-apocalyptic and dystopian silhouette in the vast desert of Dubai.
SS22 / 星際種子 1 STARSEED

Ss22 / 星際種子 1

In a tribute to beings from distant planets, constellations and galaxies who chose to descend upon the Earth and aid humanity's awakening, DEMOBAZA unveils the STARSEED collection. Drifting far from their extraterrestrial families, veiled in the mysteries of planet Earth and often forgetting their own origin within the cycle of reincarnations, they have selflessly sacrificed themselves in pursuit of a grander purpose. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrians... remember who you are deep within your soul and never forget where you come from. Whenever you feel the need, call upon your celestial kin to find a support.

DEMOBAZA Releases A Collection for Dune: Part One DEMOBAZA Releases A Collection for Dune: Part One

Demobaza releases a collection for dune: part one

Тhe brand’s latest collaboration is a capsule womenswear and menswear collection to coincide with the release of Hollywood blockbuster Dune: Part One. Given the brand's utilitarian and post-apocalyptic aesthetics, it feels just right to find them amidst the desert dunes and sandworms of the movie, following a close collaboration with the costume designers and producers from Legendary.
DEMOBAZA 2021 秋冬合一 DEMOBAZA goes green and concrete for AW21 collection

Demobaza 2021 秋冬合一

Released to promote the latest Autumn-Winter 2021 men’s and women’s collections, Oneness reveals its message for humanity in a solitary parade of monochrome green, black and beige pieces – reworked and resurrected bestsellers from previous collections.

Demobaza 2021 秋冬合一

Inspired by the vibrant force of collective consciousness reaching the limits of enlightenment, ONENESS envisions a better world - one of freedom, spiritual growth and a harmonious balance between humanity and nature. In this collection, deep shades of forest green, black and beige are combined with subtle details, outlining the lightworker - a figure that is both resolute and unified with the peaks of nature and humanity's achievements. With a gaze fixed firmly on the future, this conscious explorer treads knowingly in the present and understands the path that lies ahead.

DEMOBAZA SS21 跑道 DEMOBAZA returns home for SS21 Video

Demobaza ss21 跑道

With Ruscen Vidinliev-Rushi on directing duties, the video casts a chariot on the idea of the spiritual world as a guiding light, that can be turned on at any moment and provide a safe passage to the next dimension.

DEMOBAZA SS21 梅爾卡巴 2 Merkaba: A Journey Through Time and Space

Demobaza ss21 梅爾卡巴 2

In a place where time and space intertwine, you can find a divine mode of transportation known as the Merkaba. This collection is an expression of the concept of futuristic warfare, traveling through the cosmos and beyond. The Merkaba pulses with fiery light, ferrying the consciousness across vast cosmic distances, dimensions and densities, carrying along the fragments and fractals of past and present incarnations. This fundamental concept underpins the bold artistic choices used to construct the following silhouettes.

DEMOBAZA AW20 Insight 1 INSIGHT - A Fashion Revelation

Demobaza aw20 insight 1

In a world where fashion is often synonymous with conformity, the Insight collection is an embodiment of creativity and innovation. It's an invitation to explore fashion as an art form, to embrace pieces that are not just clothes but experiences. With Insight, the boundaries of fashion are pushed to new horizons, where aesthetics and comfort coexist in harmony.

DEMOBAZA SS20 解脫 4 MOKSHA: The Liberation of Style

Demobaza ss20 解脫 4

In fashion, the concept of liberation takes center stage, mirroring the profound idea of Moksha and all that it embodies. This collection explores the essence of freedom through whimsical forms, delicate pastel hues, juxtaposed with bold graphic elements, and denim crafted with intricate details, resembling electric fractals with a strong structural presence. Draped garments, adorned with striking black graphics and lines gracefully meandering through ethereal fabrics, create an eternal sensation. The main color palette is blue, gray, beige, dusty green, white and black. These garments, dancing with the wind and crafted from organic cotton, in combination with the ruggedly detailed denim accessories and jackets, give birth to a dynamic, liberated, yet undeniably futuristic silhouette. They represent the conscious journey through time, space and eternity, crafted from hundreds of details, akin to spiritual electric armor. Masks, elbow pads, harnesses and a wide array of armored vests and jackets – this collection forms the protective lattice and structure that envelops Moksha.

德莫巴扎整合 Striking Integration


DEMOBAZA steps into a universe where minimalistic forms blend with futuristic silhouettes. Here’s Integration - a collection that combines high-tech elements and stark, monochromatic aesthetics with a distinctly sporty vibe.