DEMOBAZA returns home for Spring-Summer 2021

The Spring-Summer 2021 runway video was shot on location at the still to be completed DEMOBAZA headquarter.

DEMOBAZA has just released the runway video for their latest Spring-Summer 2021 collection.
Titled Merkaba, the show was shot on location at the future headquarter of the label, currently on construction in Bulgaria.

Working as usual with Ruscen Vidinliev-Rushi on directing duties and Dimitar Nedelchev as a DOP, the video casts a chariot on the idea of the spiritual world as a guiding light, that can be turned on (metaphorically speaking) at any moment and provide a safe passage to the next dimension.   

While most of their previous collection videos were done outdoors in a stark contrast to savage and harsh natural beauty, Merkaba takes place in a large concrete gallery hall – a solitary dark place with round light spots, that form the sparse runway. The main idea of the current Spring-Summer collection was to put the emphasis on richly detailed and exquisitely crafted denim accessories, that double as a body shell. 

The main concept of the collection is the well-defined balance and merging between the style of the accessories and the overall knitwear and enormous bags. The director decided on a night shoot in pitch black, pierced through only with the directional lightning. As for the story, even when DEMOBAZA’s forever muses Arnaada and Simonas are walking in the same space, they are on the constant search for each other.  

Like life in general – we pass each other in transit before eventually stumbling upon one another by chance, or meet on purpose, getting familiar and wait for the sun to rise again.