Janet Jackson and her dancers perform in DEMOBAZA at several live acts in Sacramento and Atlanta USA Janet Jackson and her dancers perform in DEMOBAZA at several live acts in Sacramento and Atlanta USA

Janet jackson and her dancers perform in demobaza at several live acts in sacramento and atlanta usa

Legendary pop icon Janet Jackson never ceases to amaze her audience with her innovative performances. This time, she has once again chosen DEMOBAZA's creations for her wardrobe, gracing the stage with her dancers in a full ensemble from our AW22 collection. Always captivating, strong, and dynamically in sync with the latest trends in music, style, and fashion, Janet never fails to deliver.


Demobaza ss24 runway show at la fashion week

Prepare to embark on an untamed odyssey with DEMOBAZA's forthcoming Spring/Summer 2024 collection, artfully christened as a "nomadic jungle expedition." It is not merely a depiction of nature; it is a fusion of human rebellion and the wild's indomitable spirit. With this collection, immerse yourself in the raw, primal energy of the natural world, igniting a profound, metamorphic molecular shift within.

The Source The Source

The source

This collection is inspired by the vision of a futuristic mountain monk, who is gazing at the sun through the stillness of the winter and cultivating its energy as The Source of inner power.

بيونسيه تذهل جمهور نيويورك بإطلالة ديموبازا المخصصة: مزيج من الموضة والمستقبلية Beyonce Stuns New York Audience in Custom DEMOBAZA look: A Fusion of Fashion and Futurism

بيونسيه تذهل جمهور نيويورك بإطلالة ديموبازا المخصصة: مزيج من الموضة والمستقبلية

أذهلت أيقونة الموسيقى العالمية بيونسيه جمهور نيويورك بأداء مذهل ارتدت زي ديموبازا المصمم خصيصًا، والذي عرض مزيجًا استثنائيًا من الجماليات المليئة بالتكنولوجيا. كانت ملابس بيونسيه المبتكرة على المسرح، برفقة راقصيها الموهوبين وفرقة Les Twins الشهيرة، بمثابة علامة فارقة في أزيائها خلال عصر النهضة، حيث تجاوزت الحدود ووضعت اتجاهات جديدة.
راقصو بيونسيه وLes Twins يعرضون إطلالات ديموبازا المستقبلية في جولة عصر النهضة العالمية في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية Beyonce's Dancers and Les Twins Showcase Futuristic DEMOBAZA Looks at Renaissance World Tour in USA

راقصو بيونسيه وles twins يعرضون إطلالات ديموبازا المستقبلية في جولة عصر النهضة العالمية في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

اتخذت جولة بيونسيه المرتقبة في عصر النهضة العالمية منعطفًا عالميًا آخر حيث تألق راقصوها الموهوبون وفرقة Les Twins الشهيرة على المسرح بأزياء مذهلة مصممة خصيصًا من قبل ماركة الأزياء البلغارية DEMOBAZA. وشهدت مرحلة مينيابوليس من الجولة اندماجًا رائعًا بين الفن والرقص والموضة، حيث ارتدى العازفون بدلات فضائية مستقبلية حمراء اللون أذهلت الجمهور.
ديموبازا تأخذ أسبوع الموضة في لوس أنجلوس في رحلة سفر عبر الزمن مع عرض أزياء SS23 SAMADHI DEMOBAZA Takes LA Fashion Week on a Time Travel Journey with SS23 SAMADHI Runway Show

ديموبازا تأخذ أسبوع الموضة في لوس أنجلوس في رحلة سفر عبر الزمن مع عرض أزياء ss23 samadhi

في عرض مذهل للإبداع، تألقت ديموبازا بأسبوع الموضة في لوس أنجلوس مرة أخرى، وهذه المرة، نقلت الجمهور في مغامرة مثيرة للسفر عبر الزمن. من خلال تحويل أحد استوديوهات أفلام هوليوود إلى مزيج سريالي من الصحراء البيضاء والاستوديو نفسه، أخذت ماركة الأزياء المتفرجين في رحلة لا تُنسى، لتطمس الحدود بين الواقع والخيال.


مناظر رملية متحولة

In the majestic scenery portrayed in the background of our most recent Demobaza’s photoshoot and shortfilm, profound stories unfold, carrying the wisdom whispered by the white desert merging with the vibrancy of the jungle. We felt the calling to share some of the knowledge we have learned from the impermanence of nature, expressing herself in perfectly imperfect ways…
AW22/ميتاترون 2 Metatron Collection: A Futuristic Fashion Journey

Aw22/ميتاترون 2

Prepare to embark on a fashion journey like no other as we introduce you to the Metatron Collection—a bold fusion of futuristic design, minimalist aesthetics, and powerful symbolism. This collection, bathed in the striking hues of red, black, and beige, pushes boundaries and redefines the very essence of style. Metatron's influence is unmistakable, radiating fearlessness, empowerment, audacity, and unwavering determination. In this entry, we invite you to explore the essence of Metatron, the inspiration behind this extraordinary fashion line, and the innovative pieces that embody its spirit. Welcome to the future of fashion, where every garment tells a story of strength and resilience.

SS22 / ستارسيد 1 STARSEED

Ss22 / ستارسيد 1

In a tribute to beings from distant planets, constellations and galaxies who chose to descend upon the Earth and aid humanity's awakening, DEMOBAZA unveils the STARSEED collection. Drifting far from their extraterrestrial families, veiled in the mysteries of planet Earth and often forgetting their own origin within the cycle of reincarnations, they have selflessly sacrificed themselves in pursuit of a grander purpose. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrians... remember who you are deep within your soul and never forget where you come from. Whenever you feel the need, call upon your celestial kin to find a support.

DEMOBAZA Releases A Collection for Dune: Part One DEMOBAZA Releases A Collection for Dune: Part One

Demobaza releases a collection for dune: part one

Тhe brand’s latest collaboration is a capsule womenswear and menswear collection to coincide with the release of Hollywood blockbuster Dune: Part One. Given the brand's utilitarian and post-apocalyptic aesthetics, it feels just right to find them amidst the desert dunes and sandworms of the movie, following a close collaboration with the costume designers and producers from Legendary.
وحدة ديموبازا AW21 ONENESS

وحدة ديموبازا aw21

Inspired by the vibrant force of collective consciousness reaching the limits of enlightenment, ONENESS envisions a better world - one of freedom, spiritual growth and a harmonious balance between humanity and nature. In this collection, deep shades of forest green, black and beige are combined with subtle details, outlining the lightworker - a figure that is both resolute and unified with the peaks of nature and humanity's achievements. With a gaze fixed firmly on the future, this conscious explorer treads knowingly in the present and understands the path that lies ahead.

ديموبازا SS21 ميركابا 2 Merkaba: A Journey Through Time and Space

ديموبازا ss21 ميركابا 2

In a place where time and space intertwine, you can find a divine mode of transportation known as the Merkaba. This collection is an expression of the concept of futuristic warfare, traveling through the cosmos and beyond. The Merkaba pulses with fiery light, ferrying the consciousness across vast cosmic distances, dimensions and densities, carrying along the fragments and fractals of past and present incarnations. This fundamental concept underpins the bold artistic choices used to construct the following silhouettes.

ديموبازا AW20 انسايت 1 INSIGHT - A Fashion Revelation

ديموبازا aw20 انسايت 1

In a world where fashion is often synonymous with conformity, the Insight collection is an embodiment of creativity and innovation. It's an invitation to explore fashion as an art form, to embrace pieces that are not just clothes but experiences. With Insight, the boundaries of fashion are pushed to new horizons, where aesthetics and comfort coexist in harmony.

ديموبازا SS20 موكشا 4 MOKSHA: The Liberation of Style

ديموبازا ss20 موكشا 4

In fashion, the concept of liberation takes center stage, mirroring the profound idea of Moksha and all that it embodies. This collection explores the essence of freedom through whimsical forms, delicate pastel hues, juxtaposed with bold graphic elements, and denim crafted with intricate details, resembling electric fractals with a strong structural presence. Draped garments, adorned with striking black graphics and lines gracefully meandering through ethereal fabrics, create an eternal sensation. The main color palette is blue, gray, beige, dusty green, white and black. These garments, dancing with the wind and crafted from organic cotton, in combination with the ruggedly detailed denim accessories and jackets, give birth to a dynamic, liberated, yet undeniably futuristic silhouette. They represent the conscious journey through time, space and eternity, crafted from hundreds of details, akin to spiritual electric armor. Masks, elbow pads, harnesses and a wide array of armored vests and jackets – this collection forms the protective lattice and structure that envelops Moksha.

استدعاء ديموبازا AW18 1 In Weave: The REUNION

استدعاء ديموبازا aw18 1

In REUNION, threads of forgotten textiles and memories interlace, crafting a distinct narrative in the weave of sustainable fashion. Here, clothing is transformed into a tapestry that tells a story of ancient military coats and metaphoric reunions with the departed, the past and the lost shards of ourselves. Embark on a journey with spiraling colors - from subtle grays and greens to earthy pastels, whispering sagas of yesteryears and foretelling echoes of the future while being anchored by a fiercely adventurous spirit.