DEMOBAZA protects the forest from a distance.

Just like trees and animals, you too are a vital part of the universe. Your thoughts, actions and feelings ripple from within and affect the world around you.

Let us come together, united in heart and spirit, to pour our energies into the timeless forest, a mystical guardian through which Earth breathes. Envision a radiant shield, as brilliant as the purest diamond, embracing the forest. This shield not only feeds it with a life force, but also gives strength, ensuring the forest remains untouched by malice or harmful intent. Gone are the days of fallen trees; now every tree stands tall, alive, its roots deeply intertwined with the Earth, thus forming a web of life. It's a sacred haven for animals and mythical creatures from unknown realms beyond our own. Each one of us holds power and responsibility. We are not just bystanders; we are the guardians of this verdant expanse. Feel the pulse of the forest, hear its whispered tales, and stand beside it as a FOREST KEEPER.

This is the Forest Keeper, the guardian of all living things within this sacred space. The Keeper is appears as a tall, ethereal being with both ancient and timeless features. The keeper’s deep and wise eyes summon you closer.

Surrounded by a peaceful calmness, the Forest Keeper shares the wisdom of the forest. You learn that every tree, plant or creature plays a crucial role in the intricate web of life. The forest thrives on harmony, balance and mutual respect. 

The Forest Keeper places a hand over your heart, and a energy fills you. This is the energy of love, connection and understanding. You are gifted with the ability to see the world with new eyes, to understand the interconnectedness of all things.

October 21th 2014 > Yarema, Bulgaria