DEMOBAZA Achieves Balance in South Africa

Integration serves as a new episode in the brand’s Awakenings series.

Apart from its continuous dive into the theme of unisex post-apocalyptic uniforms year after year, and crafting costumes for blockbusters like Men in Black and Resident Evil, DEMOBAZA is also rolling out a new episode from their series of 'awakenings' videos.

The eponymous video for their latest men's and women's collection, Integration, revolves around the concept of personal balance. This balance is essential for achieving harmony with oneself and the environment. The video is accentuated by a quote from Osho highlighting how the struggle is within an individual and can only be resolved therein.

The filming battle on location in a national park near Cape Town was entrusted, as usual, to the brand's regular collaborator, RUSHEN VIDINLIEV. The director of Integration assembled an entirely local team from South Africa to capture the main heroine, Francesca van Oudtshoorn, in a linear visual metaphor for balance. This was portrayed through a story of two girls—or rather, two halves of the same whole—alongside a black jeep and the rugged desert, as is apt.

The stuntwoman in the video, Anneli Muller, stepped in for Milla Jovovich in the action scenes of the latest Resident Evil. Given that DEMOBAZA created some of the costumes for the movie, Muller was familiar with the attire and managed the running and jumping sequences seamlessly under heated situations.