Aw17 / transition

Ethereal evolutions of fashion dance silently amidst the serene Bulgarian landscapes, illuminating the contours of adaptable and metamorphic design in a timeless spectacle, exclusively revealed under the ice-cold caress of Rila Mountain’s winter.

SS15 光からのメッセージ2 HOW TO FIND THE TRUTH - Illuminating Veracity

Ss15 光からのメッセージ2

Embarking upon the enigmatic river of life, а perpetual conundrum nudges us relentlessly: how do we decipher the truth within the aesthetic appeal of the seemingly unreal? Amidst a boundless sea of illusions and veiled truths, navigating towards authenticity demands an unwavering heart and a finely tuned ear to the whispers of our intrinsic guide.

SS15 光からのメッセージ 1 Elevating Aesthetics: AW16 SATORI

Ss15 光からのメッセージ 1

Venturing into a universe where spiritual enlightenment meets visionary fashion, the AW16 SATORI collection takes you on a journey through celestial forms and earthly expressions. From the elevated peaks of Rila Mountains to the open cosmos, the collection intertwines the mystique of the Great White Brotherhood with forward-looking style, crafting an ethereal narrative through threads and silhouettes.

SS15 光からのメッセージ3 Unveiling the Cosmos: Fashion, Federation, and the Far Reaches

Ss15 光からのメッセージ3

Embark on a journey through the lustrous realms of beige, as we find our muse in an extraterrestrial alliance known as the Galactic Federation of Light. This cosmic, desert-inspired collection is not an accident but a tribute to a celestial community - from sandy Thai beaches to the boundless Middle Eastern desert, steering the aesthetic towards a distinctly beige dominion.

SS15 光からのメッセージ 4 DEMOBAZA opens first international flagship store in Dubai

Ss15 光からのメッセージ 4

The first foreign outpost of the Bulgarian brand follows its showroom in Sofia and establishes the international appeal of DEMOBAZA’s aesthetics and deconstructed uniform – a refined combination of post-socialist spirit, post-apocalyptic costume and extraordinary futuristic dreams, together with intentional unwariness to details.
SS15 光からのメッセージ 5 Message from the Light: SS15 Collection

Ss15 光からのメッセージ 5

Raw authenticity is in demand. This evident belief subtly dances through the core of our SS15 collection. In parallel to the call for unrefined genuineness in DEMOBAZA's endeavors, Message from the Light is another showcase of contemporary and yet timelessly universal style. As with previous collections, the main theme once again focuses on spiritual connections between the rugged and the refined.

The Weather Machine The Weather Machine

The weather machine

In a storm-ridden town where dark rumors swirl, a brave girl takes on a perilous quest to uncover the truth. Will she restore hope and sunshine? Dive into a gripping story of courage, intrigue, and the battle against malevolent forces.


デモバザ ss13 sky mission 1

This collection is inspired by the transformative times we live in and the new cycle that begins with the completion of every cycle. The clearly defined strong silhouette is the uniform of the new era – a combination of various layers, textures, fabrics and techniques in a monochromatic color palette.


デモバザ aw13 sky mission 2

When you open your eyes, you begin to see some things you’ve never noticed before, things that might seem distressing, unexpected and surprising. As you delve deeper and start to understand more, we might even feel powerless. However, with this project, we offer you some easily applicable techniques to change things within ourselves and in the world around us, and how to join the resistance.

デモバザ SS12 シャネルリング SS12 / CHANELING

デモバザ ss12 シャネルリング

The path to self-discovery is illuminated by both our innate strengths and the ever-present entities that guide us from the unknown. Every soul bears an internal channel - a conduit to this higher guidance. By submerging into the depths of our consciousness and listening to the whispers of silence, we make ourselves receptive to these ethereal messages. It's like floating in the vastness of our inner universe, becoming a vessel for the wisdom we seek.

デモバザは前進する HIGH ALERT


In a realm where fierce desert sands embrace the icy waves of the ocean, the need to stand out is paramount. Dive into the captivating allure of our "High Alert" swimsuits, designed to resonate with the stark beauty of nature's most astonishing juxtapositions. Adventure awaits. Are you ready?
デモバザ 働く男 FUTURE NOW

デモバザ 働く男

In the boundless expanse of time and possibility, we find ourselves at the precipice of tomorrow. As we embark on this journey into the future, it becomes increasingly clear that the responsibility for what lies ahead rests squarely on our shoulders. Our imagination serves as both the compass and the canvas, guiding us through the labyrinth of existence. Here, we explore the intricate interplay between our vision and the legacy we are poised to create.