DEMOBAZA Takes LA Fashion Week on a Time Travel Journey with SS23 SAMADHI Runway Show

In a mesmerizing display of creativity, DEMOBAZA graced LA Fashion Week once again, and this time, they transported the audience on a thrilling time travel adventure. Turning one of Hollywood's film studios into a surreal fusion of the white desert and the studio itself, the fashion brand took spectators on an unforgettable journey, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination.

For its second appearance at LA Fashion Week, DEMOBAZA opted for a unique venue - their very own time travel machine. The brand transformed the studio into an ethereal setting, with two giant LED screens projecting models elegantly walking amidst the desert's captivating beauty. The mesmerizing spectacle took an unexpected turn as the models suddenly appeared from the screens, merging the otherworldly desert with the tangible studio space.

The captivating multimedia installation was a creation of the brilliant DEMOBAZA creative team, complemented by the artistic vision of director Rushi Vidinliev. Unders' original music score added a vital touch, enriching the entire experience and immersing attendees in a world of fashion and artistry like never before.

A stunning parade of over 50 models graced the runway, presenting the essence of the SS23 SAMADHI collection. Each stride represented the brand's dedication to fashion as an art form that transcends boundaries and blazes new trails in the industry.

Essence of SS24 SAMADHI Collection

As the lights dimmed and the music began to resonate, the essence of the collection unfolded. The SS23 SAMADHI collection celebrates the allure of organic, natural materials - linen, cotton, jersey, shirting, cotton and elastane, elastic denim, and super-thin jersey rib - all presented in captivating vintage washings.

The skin-tone printed nets, adorned with intricate hand-drawn shamanic lions, symbolized the collection's mystique, captivating spectators with their exquisite artistry. Additionally, the collection featured highly detailed creations crafted from elastic denim, a striking combination of denim and neoprene - all contributing to the futuristic nomad journey embodied in SAMADHI's summer vibes.

Silhouettes of Dreams and Balance

The silhouettes in the SS23 collection displayed a delicate balance between wrapped and airy designs, beautifully combining pieces with asymmetric structured styles and soft, airy materials. This fusion was akin to the dance of the wind and the ever-moving sands, reflecting the collection's profound connection with nature's forces.

DEMOBAZA's signature approach to fashion remained evident - clothes that transcend conventional shapes and embrace different wrapping elements, effortlessly asymmetrically wrapped around the body and soul. Each garment was adorned with intricate stitchings, reinforcing the brand's belief in their role in building and aligning the electromagnetic field around wearers and the planet itself, imparting an energetic protective function.

The Whispering Desert of Inner Harmony

At the heart of the collection lies a profound message - just like the silence of the desert allows the whispering of one's inner self to be heard, finding true balance is a journey within. SAMADHI resonates with a deep connection to the eternal flame of life, liberating wearers from ego-generated thoughts and emotions.

DEMOBAZA's SS23 SAMADHI runway show at LA Fashion Week was a testament to the brand's relentless pursuit of artistic innovation and a reflection of their unique fusion of fashion, nature, and spirituality.

As the audience left the transformative show, they carried with them the echoes of the whispering desert, forever imprinted on their hearts - a reminder that the true essence of fashion is the journey towards inner harmony and balance.