Exploring the Boundaries of Collective Consciousness

Inspired by the vibrant force of collective consciousness reaching the limits of enlightenment, ONENESS envisions a better world - one of freedom, spiritual growth and a harmonious balance between humanity and nature. In this collection, deep shades of forest green, black and beige are combined with subtle details, outlining the lightworker - a figure that is both resolute and unified with the peaks of nature and humanity's achievements. With a gaze fixed firmly on the future, this conscious explorer treads knowingly in the present and understands the path that lies ahead.

The heart of the ONENESS collection is a fabric that speaks volumes – a soft, futuristic neoprene with a leather-like veneer. Its profound presence commands attention and respect. High-tech waves reminiscent of neoprene are generously adorned with bold structured knits, creating a unique juxtaposition of curious textures. Elastic weaves, like the energetic flow of life itself, thread gracefully across the body. These details are more than mere adornments; they're a reflection of the harmonious dance between individuality and unity.

But this collection doesn't stop at the intersection of technology and fashion; it dives deeper, embracing the earthly elements. Gentle waves of mohair and soft, yielding materials provide a sense of comfort, grounding the futuristic uniformity with a warm embrace. The collection doesn't just echo the sentiments of its wearers, but embodies them - a cosmic terrestrial uniform donned by the seeker-missionary.

This seeker is a visionary, yearning for unity between truth and the deepest recesses of the heart. The seeker becomes a living testament to the transformative power of collective consciousness. They embody the aspirations of a world that hungers for enlightenment and craves harmony.

The ONENESS Collection, in all its elegance and grace, is a beacon of hope and a testament to the unending journey towards a better world where unity prevails and the heart and soul of humanity thrive.


August 8th 2021 > Pirin Bulgaria, Koncheto