Janet Jackson’s dancers wear DEMOBAZA on Metamorphosis

The American legend is doing a musical residency in Las Vegas
During her latest residency in Las Vegas, Janet Jackson relied on DEMOBAZA custom-fit SS19 costumes for a segment with her backup dancers and wore a black tunic from the Bulgarian brand while playing Glastonbury.

During her latest 18-date residency in Park MGM hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Janet Jackson relied on DEMOBAZA for providing custom-fit costumes for a segment with her backup dancers. Launched in promotion of her eleventh studio album Unbreakable (2015) and straight after her eighth State of The World concert tour, Metamorphosis featured songs from Jackson's entire music catalog and also celebrated the thirty-year anniversary of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989).

As seen throughout the concert residency, a group of female backup dancers wore a gray short-sleeve denim jumpsuit, a gray denim jacket and gray-brown long-sleeve dress, a gray tank top attached to a black mesh top, a long gray hooded over vest, gray harem pants and gray leg warmers, all from the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.

During one of the breaks from the residency, Jackson went on to perform at Glastonbury festival. Her backup dancers wore the same costumes from the Las Vegas set, while the American musical legend wore a custom-made black DEMOBAZA tunic. Jackson is the latest star to wear the Bulgarian brand collections, which has been spotted on diverse artists like Grimes, Justin Bieber, Gary Numan and many more.