Embracing Surrender and Release

WORLDBRIDGER introduces a profound new concept: true freedom comes from surrender, not control. It's not about resigning but embracing life's flow. By shedding limiting beliefs and patterns – a symbolic death - we can make room for new beginnings.

In this life and time, you are being asked to release and surrender. Surrender is the opposite of giving up. It is freeing yourself from the desire to be in control, letting go of how you think things should be. Surrender is freedom. You are invited to release yourself from the chains of preconceived action and let everything be alright as it is, so you can live a more inspired life in the moment!

You are asked to take action in the process of surrender and release. You have to die a symbolic death, to surrender your limiting beliefs. Symbolic death unveils the self by cutting away the outgrown parts that no longer serve you. Ego structures dissolve and reveal the garden of true self. Look for new ways of being, new people, new ideas and new directions that move through the vacuum of surrender and release. Like yeast, surrender enlivens and empowers you to experience more of life's fullness.

Holding on to past patterns and grievances only limits your possibilities. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Let go. Surrender all that limits you. Face whatever you are resisting. In the event of any loss, it is never too late to complete. Through your willingness to walk in the dark forest, insights and revelations will naturally emerge.


October 11th 2013 > Sofia, Bulgaria