A supernaturally gifted girl (Vania Bileva) forms a bond with an alien.

DEMOBAZA’s first foray into short movies is something unusual. Even for a brand, that has been experimenting comfortably with establishing their post-apocalyptic vision for the world after tomorrow and its utilitarian uniform, Vania and The Alien is not your usual fashion programming. Instead of doing the typical runway video, fashion advertorial or concentrating on its womenswear and menswear collection plain and simple, DEMOBAZA starts a new concept video series, playing around with the most famous conspiracy theories of today.

The first episode in the planned trilogy is centered round the well-guarded military bases like Area 51 and their potential double role as a host or prison for extraterrestrial creatures. Vania and The Alien tells the story of a supernaturally gifted girl (Bulgarian model Vania Bileva in her first acting role), who is held captive at an undisclosed military prison in the near future. As it’s quickly revealed, the place is used not only for keeping an eye on levitating brown-haired goddesses, but for experiments on humans and unknown extraterrestrial guests from the outer space. 

Locking its eyes with our main female protagonist, it understands the whole history of the world, our needs and desires and soon helps her escape into the forest wilderness, risking its one life in an apparent suicide mission. Once free, Vania is met by a couple of DEMOBAZA-clad young rebels, standing still, but ready to do whatever they are thinking about doing.  

She is not the only captive in the unknown military base. An alien creature is also present. 

The world is awakening. It has to shift to the next dimension. In order to stay on Earth all forms of life have to take this transition to be able to grow and evolve into a higher consciousness. There’s a need for fundamental purification in order to take part of the new golden erago forward letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you purpose anymore. Specifically untruth and limiting beliefs, emotional pain, subconscious and unconscious mind models, programming, prejudices, habits, ways of thinking and feelings that hold us back from our higher nature. - Sal Rachele

Directed by Ruscen Vidinliev-Rushi and shot by Dimitar Nedelchev, the four-minute short film was conceived (as mentioned before) as the first part of a trilogy and features original music by Roboknob. It was shot on location in Sofia for a day and a half after a thorough location scouting in order to find a suitable brutalist architecture, which can be transformed into the main set of the short with exquisite work from the creative team’s set designer. Along with custom built props and SFX, Vania and the Alien features a custom-made 3D-printed alien mask and costume.  

Demo and Tono, founders and creative directors of the brand, are certain that this is just the beginning of their jump into the concept visual realm of moving images. No matter if they decide to continue the trilogy or do explore other video formats for the apparel and accessories business, it’s going to be pretty interesting to see. Stay tuned for the next episodes in DEMOBAZA’s conceptual run and remember: the quality of your consciousness determines your experience of reality.