Unearthed by Namibia: The Desert Dream Collection

From Sands to Silhouette: An Odyssey Across Landscapes

An exquisite journey from the wild deserts of Namibia to the mystic terrains of Bulgaria, this collection captures the essence of nature's solitude, offering an ode to the silent warrior in all of us.

Namibia, an ethereal land of contrasts, serves as the main muse for this collection. The vision is vivid: a stoic warrior in a desert attire, mirroring the hues of sands, rocks and the vast barren landscapes, only interrupted by the freely roaming wild creatures. The sprawling desert becomes a meditative realm. Here, the whispers of the wind mingle with one's innermost thoughts, fostering a profound connection with the divine, the infinite and the universe.

The creation of this collection was not only a design process, but an interesting journey. Envisioned amid the dunes of Namibia, part of its inception took place on an enormous African terrace while watching some utterly graceful giraffes. Later, the essence of the collection was captured while sitting on on a tranquil Maldivian beach, before being shaped in its finality in Bulgaria's mystical Rila forest. The energy of these diverse landscapes integrate seamlessly - from the desert's timeless wisdom to the sea's embracing warmth and the forest's unyielding strength.

Dominated by a beige, white and dusty brown color palette that mirrors the serenity of nature, the collection features draperies, delicate knits and premium cotton fabrics. Among them, the super-fine ribbed and form-shaping cotton stands out. The unique denim selection offers combat details for the futuristic well-trained survivor.

The final act of this artistic narrative unfolds in Solitaire, Namibia, where the collection is brought to life by the the brand's own visionaries and creative directors.


The Tao is an ineffable force that keeps the natural order of the universe in harmony,

... it is not a tangible concept that can be described, but rather a path which leads us into a higher state of awareness,

... where we can perceive the unified essence that pulses in the depth of it all.

The prefix “In”, means to be inside.

Intao represents the virtue of accessing the Tao from within,

... while staying in harmony

... as we navigate being alive every day in this plane of existence.

Intao is the journey back to our light source,

... back to that divine essence that shines bright inside each and everyone of our hearts.

When our bodily perception finds balance with our souls path,

... we become instruments of connection to that one source that orchestrates the harmony of the universe in motion.

Yet the privilege of staying wired still relies in the free will of our everyday choices.

So in transformational times like this,

... it is more important than ever to share our art as medicine of inspiration,

... and find that inner power...

... so that one light at a time,

... we light up the entire universe.