DEMOBAZA's AW14 Collection: A Symbiosis of City and Wilderness

Navigating the intricate dance between the bustling urban jungle and nature's serene embrace, DEMOBAZA's AW14 collection is an ode to the modern wanderer. Each garment beckons the city dweller, yearning for nature's touch. Elevate your style while staying true to your earthy roots.

DEMOBAZA's AW14 collection continues to thread the realms of the SUN theme, inspired by the notion of the contemporary urban creature who has turned its gaze towards the nature. The collection features a sporty, asymmetrical silhouette which, in an effortless transition, allows one to move straight from the club to the forest, seeking rejuvenation from nature's endless energy.

Merging the pulsating spirit of the metropolis with the tranquil aura of the wild, the collection embraces comfortable sporty fabrics - waxed fleece and denim, high-tech embossed details, morphing neoprene, thick rib patterns and vintage cotton knits in various weights. Every piece tells a story.

Each item boasts embossed stitches, reminiscent of nature's textures and plants, culminating in the iconic oversized neoprene bag - an emblem of the collection, perfect for those quick getaways with just the essentials.


The floating star

So much we can learn from the sun’s power,

The floating star of fire that traces every hour.

It rises and dissolves into the lines of the horizon,

And the space in between, is our calling to wisen.

Although Its eternal shine awakens our eyes,

If we get too close, the burning flames arise.

The sun’s spirit is our guardian of Illumination, 

May his light and warmth nourish our inspiration.


September 15th 2014 > Pernik, Bulgaria