Explores Singapore's Urban Jungle

Balancing urban sophistication with nature's tranquility, EARTH MISSION takes you on a journey through Singapore's bustling streets and dzen gardens in the company of Marcella - the perfectly symbiosis of this dual existence.

Harmony requires a dance between the modern and the natural. EARTH MISSION’s latest photo series, timed perfectly with global discussions on sustainable urban living, perfectly encapsulates the same spirit. In a fashion akin to the way DEMOBAZA consistently projects its unique vision, EARTH MISSION gives us a fresh perspective season after season.

The primary theme of this Singaporean photo expedition delves deep into the concept of urban coexistence. It's about achieving personal equilibrium, ensuring the one that lives in tune with both the city's heartbeat and its green lung. To accentuate the essence of the concept, we take a stroll in the company of Marcella – the perfect embodiment of the spirit of this vision.

The backdrop of Singapore, with its architectural wonders juxtaposed against verdant green pockets, is the perfect canvas for this project. Shot by our recurrent collaborator, who understands the soul of EARTH MISSION, the series also tell a tale of two worlds, or rather, two different facets of the same urban world.


April 18th 2014 > Singapore