Unveiling Kannagara: The Artistic Ode to Inner Harmony

Exploring the Depths of Black with DEMOBAZA's AW24 Collection

Step into the enigmatic world of Kannagara, where black becomes a canvas for the exploration of form, texture, and self-expression. DEMOBAZA invites you on a journey through the depths of winter with their latest collection, a testament to the fusion of artistry and sartorial innovation.

In the labyrinth of black, Kannagara emerges as a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing their own boundaries . With a strong silhouette crafted from an eclectic mix of materials and textures, this collection redefines the winter wardrobe.

Rubberized, coated, and matte elastic denim intertwine with coated thick knits, resulting in a tactile symphony that captivates the senses. Hand-quilted jackets adorned with laser-cut seamless dividers stand as architectural marvels, while innovative combinations of neoprene and ribs evoke a sense of futurism.

AW24 Kannagara

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A series of reconstructed tops showcase the brand's penchant for experimentation, blending cotton and wool neoprenes with coated fleece and various shirt fabrics. Fine jersey and articles in shades of gray add depth to the palette, inviting exploration into the nuances of monochrome allure.

Double-layered plush jersey tops offer a cocoon of comfort, juxtaposed with specially dyed red jackets that demand attention. Sporty yet refined, the collection boasts an array of comfortable pants and sweaters, each meticulously crafted to merge style with functionality.

Embossed high-tech neoprenes and smooth-touch textures converge to create a harmonious aesthetic that speaks to the soul. Kannagara is another artistic journey, a manifestation of inner harmony, and a tribute to the natural order of things. DEMOBAZA invites you to embrace the essence of Kannagara and discover the beauty that lies within.

AW24 Kannagara

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