Unveiling the Cosmos: Fashion, Federation and the Far Reaches

A Sartorial Journey between Earthly Sands and the Galactic Federation of Light

Embark on a journey through the lustrous realms of beige, as we find our muse in an extraterrestrial alliance known as the Galactic Federation of Light. This cosmic, desert-inspired collection is not an accident but a tribute to a celestial community - from sandy Thai beaches to the boundless Middle Eastern desert, steering the aesthetic towards a distinctly beige dominion.

Cosmic Beginnings: Finding Serenity in Sands and Stories

The genesis of our journey stems not from extraterrestrial encounters, but rather from the faded branches and sun-bleached corals of sandy slopes. Every artifact, from the wind-worn ship ropes to the muted sands beneath our feet, connects us to the temporal energies and is a muse to our creation. Born from the Earth and the sea, our designs gradually materialize under pencil and paper, channeling the potent energy of nature into every sketch.

Transcending Thai Inspiration: The Muted Desert Mirage

While the vibrant culture of Thailand has perennially fueled our creative vision, the concept of a desert collection - faded, sandy, yet undeniably elegant - became an enthralling vision that transcended geographical boundaries. Even in the absence of an actual desert, its semblance vividly manifested before our eyes through sandy, lightweight mesh and sunny fabrics. Crafted from organic Japanese cotton, the beige series whispers like a gentle breeze - delicate, fresh and utterly captivating.

Monochrome Magic: Delicate yet Detailed

Emerging as a subtle hero of the collection, the color beige is mingling in harmony with intricate details, textures and layered splendor. The intent? To meticulously curate a uniform that seamlessly blends varying shades of beige into a unified, coherent look, with each material undergoing meticulous color development. This monochromatic magic is a precise representation of  our idea for the uniform of the Galactic Federation.

Contrasting Currents: The Intertwining of Black and White

Amidst the beige palette, we embrace contrasts, introducing black and white graphic elements, asserting their potency within our sandstorm of ideas. Think about white, athletic cyborgs, set against the inspirational backdrop of Dubai’s enchanting desert, where our collection came to life through a spirited lookbook shoot - not without the usual thrilling misadventures, but eventually culminating in a collective, euphoric laughter.

The Galactic Federation: A Guiding Beacon

Righ from the start, the Galactic Federation of Light gently guided our creative process. Envisioned as a coalition of spiritually and technologically highly advanced, superior extraterrestrial beings, these entities converge to uphold peace, unity and collaboration among various cosmic civilizations.

The Galactic Federation transcends not merely as a governmental body but as a universal cooperation, where distinct species coexist, communicate, and collaborate towards the collective welfare of all sentient beings. Contributing civilizations, such as the spiritually evolved Pleiadians, the advanced and conscious Arcturians, the enlightened Sirians, benevolent Andromedans, and ancient Lyrians, play a vital role in guiding humanity towards spiritual enlightenment and safeguarding from cosmic predicaments.


There is an intergalactic council guiding us all through invisible scripts,

There is an intergalactic council guiding us all through invisible scripts,

which can only be heard as whispers of intuition.

We might not physically perceive these star beings that observe us being human,



Each of these pieces has the intention to help us embody the galactic wisdom that wires us all into one same nucleus of ineffable energy,

it is a talisman to help us tune into the voices of our teachers, to awaken the teacher within ourselves.



Perhaps you have heard from the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Syrians,



and many other star civilizations who have been in contact with humanity along this era to assist our human experience



with their cosmic wisdom and to guide our inner chaos with divine alignment by elevating us into frequencies of truth.



The Galactic Federation is real, just like everything we hold in the realms of imagination.



August 13th 2015 > Dubai, UAE