Unveiling a Cosmic Collection

In a tribute to beings from distant planets, constellations and galaxies who chose to descend upon the Earth and aid humanity's awakening, DEMOBAZA unveils the STARSEED collection. Drifting far from their extraterrestrial families, veiled in the mysteries of planet Earth and often forgetting their own origin within the cycle of reincarnations, they have selflessly sacrificed themselves in pursuit of a grander purpose. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrians... remember who you are deep within your soul and never forget where you come from. Whenever you feel the need, call upon your celestial kin to find a support.

With intergalactic accessories in black denim, this collection seeks to elevate the strength and spirit of these celestial seeds, providing them with power and enlightenment for their noble mission. Infused with energy and adorned with intricate details, these accessories stand out as defining elements of the entire collection, infusing it with a profound visual impact and silhouette.

Broken forms, robust structures, shoulder pads, elbow cuffs, high collars and sleeve straps all serve as essential components of the cosmic seed uniform. The use of lightweight organic cotton in a myriad of celestial hues resonates with the concept and enhances its contrast with the bold graphics.

With a a rich color palette from deep blues, vibrant greens and fiery reds to passionate oranges and soothing pinks, as well as the timeless white and luminous yellow, the collection radiates with strength and creative energy. It shatters the monochromatic aesthetics of the brand and propels it into new cosmic dimensions.

STARSEED is more than just fashion; it's a cosmic revelation, a reminder of our celestial lineage, and a celebration of the interconnectedness of all beings across the universe. Wear these designs not just as clothes but as emblems of your cosmic identity, and may they imbue you with the power and enlightenment needed to fulfill your stellar destiny.

I landed on earth...

As a human I birthed...

Yet my roots are afar,

I come from the stars.

In this blue planet I carry a powerful mission

To help humanity rise, as light gives fruition.

I materialize dreams through manifestation

Through visions that land from my own creation

I surrender to the power of universal love,

trusting the guidance from the sky above.

This path of consciousness to the universe will lead,

My way back to source…

I am a Starseed.


February 15th 2022 > Dubai Desert, Middle East