Milla Jovovich slays evil creatures while dressed in DEMOBAZA

The Bulgarian brand has worked on Jovovich’s signature outfit per personal request

Reprising her role as Alice and dressed in head-to-toes DEMOBAZA, Milla Jovovich slays a lot of evil creatures in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - the sixth and final installment of the horror action franchise.

Shot on location in South Africa, the movie production team and the costume department chose DEMOBAZA for supplying evil-slaying uniform for Milla Jovovich’s character. As observant fans might have already noticed, DEMOBAZA’s clothes are featured not only in the movie, but in promotional materials and movie posters for international releases.

Working closely with Resident Evil’s costume designers, founders Demo and Tono adapted actual clothes and accessories from the Spring/Summer 2018 collection – a coat, pocket-less jeans.

Dressing Milla Jovovich for her final outing as Alice in the action horror film franchise is a real testimony of DEMOBAZA’s apt talent for inspirational wardrobe and world-building in synch with Resident Evil. This successful collaboration between the brand and Sony Pictures might be the first, but definitely not the last. Expect some other movie and TV news in due time.