A Celestial Mission to Transform Reality. The Inevitability of Change and the Power of Positive Thinking.

When you open your eyes, you can see things you’ve never noticed before, things that might seem distressing, unexpected and surprising. As you delve deeper and understand more, you might even feel powerless. However, this project has some easily applicable techniques for transforming within ourselves and around us. Join the resistance!

The sun is so crucial for everyone and the planet. It provides us with the vitality that sustains our very existence. It’s not just a source of energy, but of hope, while reminding of our basic needs. The sun provides pure life, nourishing and vital energy. It represents everything we have ever needed. Anyone trying to obscure the sun is, in fact, trying to detach us from life and our true essence. But change is the only constant, and the power of thought and the desire for truth and clarity can never be halted. They are so potent that they can manifest into reality. Divine love cannot be stopped; it resides within us.

Anyone who looks for the sun can connect with it. Even when it’s cloudy, envision a blue sky, and it will come to be. Change begins from within. This drive and energy connect us on a higher level, creating a lattice network that brings new levels of consciousness and alters reality.


Change is inevitable.


The sun changes, the entire planet evolves around it, the whole galaxy transforms.

This transformation cannot be halted.

Don’t stop dreaming and visualizing your positive intentions for yourself and the world.

Be a part of this beautiful transformation - IMAGINE BLUE SKY!

May 21st 2013 > Pernik, Bulgaria