Merkaba: Journey Through Time and Space

Exploring Futuristic Warfare and Transdimensional Adventures

In a place where time and space intertwine, you can find a divine mode of transportation known as the Merkaba. This collection is an expression of the concept of futuristic warfare, traveling through the cosmos and beyond. The Merkaba pulses with fiery light, ferrying the consciousness across vast cosmic distances, dimensions and densities, carrying along the fragments and fractals of past and present incarnations. This fundamental concept underpins the bold artistic choices used to construct the following silhouettes.

This collection is more than fashion; it’s an homage to the enigmatic Merkaba. Through extensive denim reconstruction, the garments take on an otherworldly form, combining various methods to create an intricate structure. Panels interlock to form jagged attire with an unnatural shape, adorned with myriad details, surprising fastenings and futuristic collars. Combat-ready pockets come in varying sizes, orientations, and placements for a rich offering of silhouettes. All clothes are done with vintage washes and distressed finishes, evoking a sense of a long and arduous journey.

The color palette plays a pivotal role in conveying the intensity and strength of this cosmic voyage. Natural grays, stony hues and weathered reds blend to create a vintage yet rugged appearance. It's as if one has embarked on a voyage through the cosmos aboard the divine vehicle known as the Merkaba.

The signature element of the collection is found in the earthy dusty beige pieces, featuring visions and silhouettes of distant planets’ wanderers. Having arrived at their destination through the Merkaba, these intrepid explorers look for inner balance and the serenity of the self amidst the unforgiving sands and harsh conditions.

The Merkaba collection invites you on a visual and conceptual journey, blurring the lines between fashion and mysticism. It’s essence is the futuristic warfare and transdimensional adventures, while paying tribute to the celestial vessel that makes it all possible - the Merkaba.

The Merkaba in sacred geometry,
is a vehicle of light force...

... that is activated by connecting our spirit and body in synergy.

Inspired in the mystical knowledge of the Kabbalah these each piece is crafted delicately...

... so that every stitch and fiber weave together a talisman to wear before you enter the Merkaba,

see them as a field of protection that prepares you
for an ascending mission through the path of life.

In the end, our journey on earth is about
neutralizing the dance of polarities...

... by unifying balance between dualities.

April 3rd 2021 > Fuerteventura, Canary Islands