Janet Jackson and her dancers perform in DEMOBAZA at several live acts in Sacramento and Atlanta USA

The Iconic Pop Star Flaunts Innovative Style in AW22 Collection

Legendary pop icon Janet Jackson never ceases to amaze her audience with her innovative performances. This time, she has once again chosen DEMOBAZA's creations for her wardrobe, gracing the stage with her dancers in a full ensemble from our AW22 collection. Always captivating, strong, and dynamically in sync with the latest trends in music, style, and fashion, Janet never fails to deliver.

Janet Jackson, the timeless presence of the pop music world, has once more reaffirmed her status as a fashion icon by selecting DEMOBAZA's cutting-edge designs for her recent live performances in Atlanta and Sacramento between October 23rd and 27th, 2023. Dressed in a futuristic blend of black and red, her outfits from our AW22 collection perfectly complemented her electrifying stage presence.

This is not the first time Janet has chosen DEMOBAZA to curate her on-stage style, and we are deeply honored and grateful for her continued trust and recognition throughout the years. We extend our warmest wishes for Janet's ongoing success and eagerly await her next fashion statement.

This collaboration exemplifies the beautiful synergy between DEMOBAZA's futuristic style and Janet's enduring penchant for embracing all that is new and distinct throughout her illustrious career. Janet's unyielding readiness to showcase, accentuate, and seamlessly integrate innovation into the realm of fashion within her performances has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. She masterfully crafts a genuine sense of the future, elegantly and beautifully grounding us in the realm of futuristic dreams right here and now. It's a rendezvous where avant-garde aspirations meet the present moment, orchestrated with finesse and panache.