Transcending Realms: AW18 / Agartha Collection

Interweaving the Mystical and the Material

In the hollow echoes of mystical tales, Agartha speaks of an uncharted synthesis where a certain earthy rawness intertwines with the cosmic elegance. Within the fibres of the AW18 collection lies a timeless and futuristically daring story, sculpting a narrative where ancient wisdom and avant-garde technology are interweave elegantly.Agartha, the legendary city pulsating at Earth's core, serves not only as a fountain of energetic might and wisdom, but as an inspiration for a collection that seamlessly melds dichotomous elements into a symphony of style. Envision fabrics, meticulously knit like an ethereal spider’s web, enveloping the body with soft wool fluttering like ethereal plasma and amalgamating with the ephemeral dance of the wind.

This collection pays homage to the human being of the future – the one that seamlessly amalgamates universal and terrestrial sagacity with the cosmic evolution of technologies. It’s the human being that draws constantly from its archaic heritage while shielded by an enigmatic cosmic energy.

Feel the softness of the ethereal wool, paradoxically crafted in a rugged, primal demeanor with harmonious mélange of earthy and muted grey tones. The high-tech, quilted by hand and adorned with celestial motifs coated fabrics foster a vision of a cosmic shepherd, navigating through time and space, ever-intertwining the ancient with the pioneering spirit of the future.





An inner world with a highly developed civilization,



That can only be accessed through magical portals.



And describe them as humanoids with no religions.



Fusing past and future, they are ethereal teachers,



September 5th 2018 > Pirin mountain, Bulgaira