Striking Integration

Minimalism Meets Futurism in a Groundbreaking Collection by DEMOBAZA

Reveling in a stark black and white color palette, Integration maps out not just a color story, but an intricate tapestry of Yin and Yang, manifesting an eternal harmony that is at once ageless and futuristic. Every piece feels as though it has been extracted from a cosmic tableau - an interstellar fit for the modern-day explorer.

In what might be one of the most graphically potent DEMOBAZA collections, a deconstructed, minimalistic and sporty ethos molds a new silhouette into a vision of the space-age suit for the ethereal future. All pieces are crafted in a wide range of fabrics - from the pristine, high-tech neoprene to wool and ethereal white eco-leather, echoing an otherworldly aesthetic that manages to feel both avant-garde and innately wearable.

In addition, the collection also features natural brown and gray knits, though refracted through the lens of the collection’s graphic concept, adding an earthly rawness to the otherwise otherworldly charm. The dichotomy of black and white serves as an embodiment of Yin and Yang - two opposing forces perennially in harmony, symbolizing the balance in the concept of integration.

In their journey towards a seamless blend of contrasting elements, DEMOBAZA’s creative directors rediscover their love for graphic and sporty elements. The collection brings this affinity to the forefront, allowing it to permeate and define the overarching vision with a striking, unapologetic presence.

The love for graphic and sporty elements is not just acknowledged but celebrated, enabling the collection to navigate a unique path and be comfortably situated between the future and tradition.

In times like this were technology has made access infinite, It’s quite easy to get ahold of powerful wisdom, we can even enter different dimensions by bringing certain molecules into our bloodstream.

The true question is, how much of this wisdom is actually integrated within ourselves?

Etymologically, the word "integration" comes from "integrare" which means "to make whole" "to repair" "to renew".

Well, this is our greater mission in the present moment, to collect our fragmented pieces and find wholeness as we anchor ourselves into the sourced unity.

There is no point on asking the divine for a Toolbox if we are not using the tools to heal our wounds with the balm of consciousness.

This is our calling to become whole, to repair and renew,

to learn and relearn all that we have forgotten.

Integrating is to live in presence, and to live in presence we must stay loyal to our breath and our values.

Integrating is to let go of the past, which doesn’t mean to forget and justify it,

it means to forgive it and learn from it.

Integrating is to make peace with the uncertainty of the future,

which doesn’t mean not to envision and project,

it means not to assume or take for granted.




The  tree pillars to a structure of bliss.


September 20th 2019 > Ibiza, Spain