Breathing Life into Light and Prana: The Ethereal Fusion of Fashion and Technology

Enter a realm where threads whisper tales of future humanity - a sartorial synthesis of minimalist aesthetics and technological marvels. Welcome to a design journey that romances with contrasting palettes and revolutionary embossing techniques, curating a silhouette that's not merely worn, but profoundly lived in.

In the soft embrace of minimalist allure, a palette of pristine white, profound black and earthy dusty brown coalesce elegantly in order to craft a simple, but compelling narrative. This journey finds its heart in the subtle yet poignant contrast - a recurring motif that seamlessly navigates through every weave and contour of the fabric.

Harboring its spirit in the delicate finesse of summer-weight Japanese organic cotton, the collection tells its story through the subtle intertwining of high-tech embossed 3D elements. However, this aesthetic is not bound by the thread and needle. Transitioning into a Japanese organic lightweight summer fleece, it morphs, providing a neoprene-esque aesthetic, that delicately interplays with graphic 3D embossed elements. The design flow follows the pattern of ephemeral energy coursing through the garment’s very sinews.

Yet, this uniform is more than a bunch of clothes. It's a prophecy, alluding to a not-so-distant future human being - one that discards the conventional sustenance on food for the vital and limitless energy of light and prana.

This futuristic tapestry represents a delicate yet profound symbiosis between humanity and nature. The soft shapes harmoniously meld with technologically advanced embossed features, birthing voluminous protrusions that sculpt a silhouette far beyond its temporal confines. In these elements, the cosmic nature of the human body isn’t just highlighted - it's celebrated.

In every stitch and seam, the embodiment of a future, where human beings are harmoniously entwined with the ethereal and the technological, is meticulously crafted and emobodied. Join us on a sartorial walk that doesn’t merely dress, but elevates profoundly the human form into realms previously only seen only in dreams.


In the ethereal embrace of sunlight and the power of wind...


In the ethereal embrace of sunlight and the power of wind, Breatharians dwell, absorbing the unseen, unfelt essence of existence, prana.



Suspended between the tangible and intangible, they embody a mystique that suggests life can be sustained by more than mere physical sustenance.




In their, airy existence, Breatharians pose an enigma, reflecting tranquility where life breathes through light and eternal energies.



Their journey, both mystical and enigmatic, nudges us to reflect on our own beliefs about sustenance, existence, and the infinite capacities that may dwell quietly, yet powerfully, within the human form.

As they tread lightly upon the Earth, absorbing the nurturing glow of the sun and the life force,


Breatharians mirror a possibility -  where life is sustained by the ethereal, and where the body becomes a vessel for an ancient, boundless energy.


March 17th 2017 > Rila mountain, Bulgaira