Message from the Light: SS15 Collection

Raw Softness, Earthy Hues and Sun-Kissed Textures

Raw authenticity is in demand. This evident belief subtly dances through the core of our SS15 collection. In parallel to the call for unrefined genuineness in DEMOBAZA's endeavors, Message from the Light is another showcase of contemporary and yet timelessly universal style. As with previous collections, the main theme once again focuses on spiritual connections between the rugged and the refined.

The heart of Message from the Light is a delicate dialogue between soft, worn textures and the ethereal allure of fabrics, evoking memories of countless sunrises and sunsets. Osho once reflected on the duality and balance within every individual. This collection mirrors a close sentiment - the balance between light and shadow, rough and smooth, present and past.

The mesmerizing visuals were crafted under the visionary eyes of renowned designers Demo and Tono, who took advantage of the serene setting of Thailand's adventurous islands during low tide. The result? A particular canvas, that resembles a vast desert, mirroring the raw aesthetics of the collection.

Central to the collection is a lineup of artistically conceived shirts, drenched in earthy tones. Steeped in passion and vision, the design echoes the tale of monks boundlessly wandering monks, their clothes a testimony of time.

In addition, we have tarpaulin coats with disrupted silhouettes, whispering tales of the past yet very much grounded at the present. This dichotomy serves as a testament to the brand's unique narrative - a blend of established traditions and modern-day renditions. Embark on a journey and experience the allure of raw authenticity.



The Light said….Don’t seek me as an outer force of power, find me inside, pulsing in your core.

The Light said….Don’t seek me as an outer force of power, find me inside, pulsing in your core.
Remember when your eyes feel dark,


it’s not because I’m not around,

but because your self-doubt is dimming me.

If you only look for me in the sun,

...or a light bulb,

 you shall only perceive the layer of Illusion,  


I shall expand through your pores and illuminate each of the steps on your journey back home.

Light is your form and to light you shall return.  

 April 13th 2015 > Koh Yao Yai, Thailand