In Weave: The REUNION

Connecting Narratives of Time, Memory and Sustainability with Every Thread

In REUNION, threads of forgotten textiles and memories interlace, crafting a distinct narrative in the weave of sustainable fashion. Here, clothing is transformed into a tapestry that tells a story of ancient military coats and metaphoric reunions with the departed, the past and the lost shards of ourselves. Embark on a journey with spiraling colors - from subtle grays and greens to earthy pastels, whispering sagas of yesteryears and foretelling echoes of the future while being anchored by a fiercely adventurous spirit.

Reimagined, reclaimed and reassembled, the clothes from REUNION tell a story of the forgotten - old military coats, resurrected with a new purpose in contrast to their previous one. Multifaceted and multidimensional, each piece from the collection is disassembled, cut anew, reordered and reborn with a panache of intentionality. This sartorial green series articulate stories of reunions, fresh encounters and nascent beginnings.

The deliberate display of raw edges and unfinished parts provoke contemplating the passing time while dancing through shades of gray, green and subdued earthy pastels, caressed and faded by the elements. Every outfit in the collection nurtures a potent adventurous spirit of deconstructed silhouettes and reconstructed narratives. Tops become alive with organic and breathable Japanese cotton, the accessories and asymmetrical outerwear champion military cotton canvas and the trousers luxuriate in athletically cozy materials for everyday comfort.

Every piece is a rebirth, a vision freshly sprouted from the old as a symbol of the melodic amalgamation of bygone times, the present and the future. The collection embodies stories that sail through time, space and consciousness, while celebrating each moment of two familiar souls encountering one another once again, choosing, perhaps not for the first time, to slide into life’s perennial dance - the perpetual REUNION.



The reunion with someone we love and haven’t held for a while,

The reunion with a place full of memories, that makes us smile.

The reunion with a part of ourselves that we might’ve left behind,

So that the regret of the heart can make peace with the mind.

The reunion with other worlds, which are not perceivable at sight,

In recognition that beneath Illusion, we are multidimensional light.

Amidst the vast space, there is magnetism allowing reconnection,

Inspired by that unique feeling of reunion, we created this collection

 April 13th, 2018 > Namibia, Sossusvlei