Elevating Aesthetics: AW16 SATORI

Merging Mystical Inspirations and Futuristic Fashion

Venturing into a universe where spiritual enlightenment meets visionary fashion, the AW16 SATORI collection takes you on a journey through celestial forms and earthly expressions. From the elevated peaks of Rila Mountains to the open cosmos, the collection intertwines the mystique of the Great White Brotherhood with forward-looking style, crafting an ethereal narrative through threads and silhouettes.

Tapping into a realm where transcendental spiritualism and fashion converge, the AW16 SATORI collection follows a narrative crafted from the pure essence of enlightenment and consciousness elevation, manifested through the Minimalistic Cosmic silhouette. Inspired by the mysticism of the Great White Brotherhood and encapsulating an ethereal aura, this unique collection holds an synergy between space-age aesthetics and nomadic, earthy tonality.

The design ethos follows a minimalist color palette of intentionally juxtaposed black and white, utilizing the depth of first as a graphic, unifying motif of diverse series. Space neoprenes merge with natural knits and fractals, draping the body in a celestial cascade of cosmic energy, while vintage neoprenes reimagine the futuristic silhouette where earthy tones and textures are key elemental players.

Introducing a special series that eloquently tells the brand’s visionary aesthetic for cosmic formalwear: minimalistic neoprenes are intertwined with hand-knitted architectural grids, following the energy flow of the human body, represented in staunch blacks and ethereal whites. Relief cotton neoprenes are not merely fabrics but personal conduits to SATORI, guiding us through an aesthetic and spiritual expedition.

Let's go on a journey to the Rila Mountains and their seven lakes – it’s there where the Great White Brotherhood gathers every August the 19th to mark the cosmic New Year with rituals, dances, meditations and prayers. Deeply entrenched in Bulgaria’s spiritual history, this sacred tradition was ardently taught by the great teacher Beinsa Duno. It’s not merely a gathering, but an ongoing process of opening light portals and participating in real-time miracles and profound spiritual events.

In synchrony with such spiritually enriching moments and with reverence to all souls connected to the White Brotherhood, our special SATORI photoshoot is meticulously curated and executed precisely in this divine time and place. SATORI is not only a collection, but a vessel of storytelling, interweaving enlightened spiritualism with the tactile and visual expressiveness of forward-looking fashion.



We talk about awakening as a destination to achieve,

rather than a journey to perceive.

In truth, It doesn’t take years of silence and retreat to find ascendence,

what it actually takes is the deconstruction of belief systems, 

the dissolution of identities and the unconditional trust in the invisible forces of the universe that orchestrate magic in every rising sun.

The Zen knowledge describes Satori as a sudden awakening, 

it is said to be an inner intuitive experience that cannot be described, yet experienced in absolute bliss and understanding.

This inspired us to honor the process of enlightenment not as something to seek or expect,


but to receive only once we are ready. 

May our essence shine in all its glory,  preparing us for the unexpected serendipity of Satori.


August 19th 2016 > Rila lakes, Bulgaria