Silhouette Transitions - Embracing Movement and Evolution in Fashion, Captured in Bulgaria's Rila Mountains

Ethereal evolutions of fashion dance silently amidst the serene Bulgarian landscapes, illuminating the contours of adaptable and metamorphic design in a timeless spectacle, exclusively revealed under the icy caress of Rila Mountains’ winter.

In the architectural cadence of movement, clothes seemingly change under the rhythm of time, moving in a slow cadence through the stages of transformation. Each frame recounts the moment we traverse through, reflecting an audacious dance between fabric and temporal flow.

Striking, minimalist shirts, created from crinkled and paper-like tactile fabrics engage the beholder in a silent dialogue, challenging perceptions of texture and form. Jackets from high-tech rustling fabrics protect from the wind, wrapping the wearer in a cocoon of both functional and avant-garde elegance. Some of the clothes and accessories are created from manually quilted neoprene in order to be immersed in the transforming lines of the future, embodying a prediction and invitation to a sartorial tomorrow.

An endless sea of black, punctuated with relentless details, sketches the idea that the deeper you gaze, the more you dive into the dance of a shape moving along the path of transformation. Every detail, from the nuanced stitching to the playful textures, whispers tales of meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative design.

The photoshoot for the AW17 collection immortalizes the new silhouette in the vast, but severe (think of a nail-biting -20°C in February) beauty of Rila Mountains. Each image tells a story of contrast: the bold, dynamic designs against the austere, frozen landscapes, offering a visual journey that connects the bold with the barren, innovation with tradition and the future with the everlasting.

In a world where fashion and nature intertwine, we explore the ethos of movement and change, allowing each silhouette to narrate its own tale of perpetual transformation in a place, where time seems to stand still yet evolves constantly.


 Passing between the inhale and the exhale,

between the day and the night,

 the light and the shadow,

between the past and the future,

in a nutshell we are passengers between life and death that is yet another blooming life.  

Yet along the endless journey of discovery...

we take and give, Sometimes we blame yet then forgive. 

Seems like a straight line, yet It's a spiraling Inception.

Along the road of self knowledge we widen our perception.

It is all a cycle… it comes and goes, with highs and lows, it rises and drops, it begins and stops, it falls and evaporates, it unites, and separates....

It will never be a state of arrival, nor a battle of survival. 

But an eternal transition of growth and acceptance, memories and reflectance.


February 27th 2017 Rila, Bulgaria